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That was 30 years ago, and the new generation of Filipinos should be introduced to Luna.
Asked if Fernando Luna might soon take the stand and testify against his younger siblings at their trials, Perez said "that could very easily happen.
Even the train scene, for instance, where Luna supposedly threw out relatives of the ruling classes from the coaches he personally secured for the transport of soldiers: It sounds and looks so familiar to commuters, workers, farmers, and even soldiers today.
Luna 16 landed "blind" at night among the mare ridges north of the crater Naonobu in Mare Fecunditatis--its lamps malfunctioned, so no pictures from the surface were possible.
Luna laughed, her sister's astonished face so funny to see, but when she turned to tell her father, she caught her mother's grimace.
Luna, on many occasions, has packed frozen tamales in a box and shipped them next day air to Idaho, or some other state.
That evening the Soviets cryptically announced that Luna 15 had reached the surface of the moon and its work had "ended.
If you think the stamps are clever but aren't sure whether you condone breaking the law, take heart: Hernandez de Luna is putting together an exhibit of stamps by dozens of artists, most of them satisfied to hang their creations in a gallery rather than see if they can carry mail.
No hay dos lunas para un lobo, dos claros de luna para un compositor ni un doble obsequio lunar para la amada.
James Luna once lay in a vitrine of the kind found in natural-history museums, a live exhibit, his scars from drunken accidents marked with little labels.
LUNA is championing moderation, not deprivation - and hopes women can ditch the diet and trust themselves.