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1. a narrow road or way between buildings, hedges, fences, etc.
a. any of the parallel strips into which the carriageway of a major road or motorway is divided
b. any narrow well-defined route or course for ships or aircraft
3. the long strip of wooden flooring down which balls are bowled in a bowling alley

What does it mean when you dream about a lane?

Dreaming about a lane can have the same meaning as dreaming about a road: namely, the direction of our life or our life path. Whereas a dream about a country lane might be alluding to a “trip down memory lane,” a lane on a multi-lane highway could indicate “life in the fast lane.”


(civil engineering)
An established route, as an air lane, shipping lane, or highway traffic lane.
One of the sections of the coverage area of a pair of Decca stations in which any phase relationship may be measured.


1. A narrow passageway bordered by trees, fences, or other lateral barrier.
2. That part of a roadway which accommodates a single line of vehicles.


(1) (lane) A channel in the PCI Express interface. See PCI Express.

(2) (LAN Emulation) Connecting Ethernet and Token Ring networks together via ATM. LANE was also used to create emulated LANs (ELANs), which like VLANs, logically combine groups of users. Governed by the ATM Forum, the LANE User-to-Network Interface (LUNI) defined how end stations communicated with the ATM network.

Encapsulating LAN Packets
The LANE driver encapsulated Ethernet and Token Ring packets into LANE packets and then converted them into ATM cells, and vice versa. The driver resided in each client station and in an edge device between the LAN and the ATM switch.

The LECS and BUS
Implemented in an ATM switch or stand-alone server, LANE comprised two software components: the LANE Configuration Server (LECS) for address resolution, and the Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS) for multicast and broadcast traffic management within the ELAN. See ATM and MPOA.
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As in the case of Luni's pieces, the observer feels compelled to stroke the soft, almost velvety surfaces of the work, which feel remarkably like wood to the touch.
Luni, who is the parliamentary secretary on forests and wildlife, had a dispute with Kibzai over a coal mine in Dukki, Levies sources told DawnNewsTV.
It would also help put an end to the centralization, stated the Minister from Loralai district and tribal elder of Luni tribe in a statement issued here on Saturday.
The provincial ministers Sardar Masood Luni and Muhammad Toor Utmankhail on the occasion persuaded the APCA to end their strike reposing confidence on the Senior Minister as he is very much serious to resolve their issues.
Tenders are invited for repair, renovation and upgradation work in chc dhundhara, chc jhanwar, chc luni, chc salawas, phc bhatinda, phc dhava, phc guda vishoniyan, phc shubdand, block luni, district jodhpur
In Manezai area Luni tribesmen abducted him along with his vehicle at gun point.
ISLAMABAD, 24 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- An exhibition of lively sculptures by Tariq Luni and Imranullah Hunzai will conclude here on May 25 at the Gallery 6.
Tenders are invited for sub surface barrier in luni river near kotri-bhalro ka bara rasta mjsa-lll (mgnrega head)