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a nationality living in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran. They number about 800,000 persons (1970, estimate) and comprise four related tribal groups, the Pishkuh and Pushtkuh in Luristan and the Mamaseni and Kuhgiluiyeh in Fars. They speak the Lur dialects of the Iranian language group and are Shiite Muslims. It is believed that the Lur were formed through the mixing of the ancient Elamite population with incoming southern Iranian tribes. Primarily nomadic herdsmen in the past, many Lur have become settled farmers.


Narody Perednei Azii. Moscow, 1957.



(1) an ancient bronze wind instrument dating from the Bronze Age. More than 30 lurs were discovered at the turn of the 20th century during excavations on the western shore of the Baltic Sea. The body is curved in the form of the letter S and has a cup-shaped mouthpiece. The instrument’s size and unique form correspond exactly to the size and shape of a mammoth tusk.

(2) A Scandinavian wind instrument that consists of a wooden tube encased in bark. There is no mouthpiece; the player’s lips are placed directly against the opening for blowing. The instrument measures nearly 1 m long. There are no finger holes.

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