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a nationality living in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran. They number about 800,000 persons (1970, estimate) and comprise four related tribal groups, the Pishkuh and Pushtkuh in Luristan and the Mamaseni and Kuhgiluiyeh in Fars. They speak the Lur dialects of the Iranian language group and are Shiite Muslims. It is believed that the Lur were formed through the mixing of the ancient Elamite population with incoming southern Iranian tribes. Primarily nomadic herdsmen in the past, many Lur have become settled farmers.


Narody Perednei Azii. Moscow, 1957.



(1) an ancient bronze wind instrument dating from the Bronze Age. More than 30 lurs were discovered at the turn of the 20th century during excavations on the western shore of the Baltic Sea. The body is curved in the form of the letter S and has a cup-shaped mouthpiece. The instrument’s size and unique form correspond exactly to the size and shape of a mammoth tusk.

(2) A Scandinavian wind instrument that consists of a wooden tube encased in bark. There is no mouthpiece; the player’s lips are placed directly against the opening for blowing. The instrument measures nearly 1 m long. There are no finger holes.

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It is important to note that the LURs are not affected by the treatment (as was the case with labor market experience) as long as there are no "general equilibrium" effects of JC training in the local economies, which is unlikely given the small number of participants relative to the local populations.
Finally, we perform a counterfactual exercise to learn how the model of Panel III (Table 3) predicts the ITT effects would change under counterfactual LURs. The first panel of Table 4 present predicted ITT effects using the average LUR faced by each of the three groups.
Contrary to some of those studies, we document an inverse relationship between the LUR and the effectiveness of the training program we analyze--which may be due to our use of cross-sectional variability in LURs.
According to our analysis, important factors are the higher local unemployment rates faced by Hispanics and the differential effects LURs have on them, especially relative to whites.
When both parties have concluded their own valuations, they will negotiate and agree on a contract price by which the LURs are conveyed from the state to the investor.
One of the objectives of the formulation of the BMPs is to provide local authorities with a set of guidelines to determine a reasonable land price when negotiating with real estate developers for the conveyance of LURs. Table 1 in this case does not provide a realistic reference that reflects the actual market demand and supply situation.
This transitional problem is also evident from the existence of the double-track land-use system in China.(4) This double-track system allows on one hand the LURs to be sold in an open-market system (accounting for only a small portion of the land conversion process), and on the other hand allows them to be allocated to various government institutions and state enterprises without payment of land price, even after the LUR reforms have been initiated.
This is important to Chinese citizens because, prior to the recent reforms of land-use rights (LUR), land had not been a tradable market commodity since the Chinese Communist Party took power in 1949.
it was s lur s , sm dark ita biu a l and Ri sexu s After the backlash, Rita came out as bisexual and apologised - saying the song was written to represent her "truth".
A Deu tant bonz fu finement Ke de seinz Deu example prent, Ki gurpirent terre e honur 40 Et tut le mund pur Deu amur, Et soffrirent hunte e esclandre; Pur Deu firent lur sanc espandre; En bon entente e en bon espeir 44 Mort donerent pur vie aveir; De tels a grant plente trovum En seinz escriz ke nus lisum; [Fol.
Le reis Pende dunt ay parle 148 Les cheres enfanz out engendre Ke Dampnedeu a sei choisi; Lur non avez assez oy; L'une est nome Keneburc, 152 Et l'autre ad non Eadburc, Seinte Osith fu del parente, Kar lur niece fu pur verite; Example prist de lur chastete, 156 Pur Dampnedeu servir a gre; Entains en sa primere enfance En fiz Deu out sa fiance; Entente e tut s'amur 160 Aveit en Deu son creatur; Richesce aveit a grant noblei Si cume fillie a riche rei; Plente de beivre (ms: deivre) e de manger, 164 Et quanque l'em ad en mund cher; Mes trestut ce petit preisa, Pur Deu despit e tut lessa, La richesce ne tut le bien 168 K'eu mund veeit ne preise rien; Bien le sachez ke la pucele De face estoit e clere e bele, king of great power and nobility who ruled over many.
Pasturs furent leus delez, 324 Lur bestes pessanz par ces pres; Les dames a eus sunt alez, Apres saluz unt demandez: it hurled them into a deep hole.