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or Sorbs,
Slavic people (numbering about 60,000) of Brandenburg and Saxony, E Germany, in Lusatia. They speak Lusatian (also known as Sorbic or Wendish), a West Slavic language with two main dialects: Upper Lusatian, nearer to Czech, and Lower Lusatian, nearer to
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We might detect possible political reasons for the focus on purely Slav areas; the Germans living in the Czech Lands were left out, for example, while the Lusatian Sorbs living in Germany were included.
Of these 89 are Slovak, 24 from Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia, 26 Bohemian, 50 Moravian, 17 Silesian and 13 Lusatian Sorb. Singing and the spoken word often alternate on individual discs.