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mud volcano, Indonesia: see Sidoarjo mudflowSidoarjo mudflow
or Lusi
[Lumpur Sidoarjo, Bahasa Indonesia, = Sidoarjo mud], mud volcano, Sidoarjo regency, central East Java prov., Indonesia, 20 mi (30 km) S of Surabaya.
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With the drought that has hit the country, water is scarce and people are consuming dirty water," Dr Lusi said.
Lusi residents said an average of 20 weddings take place each summer between a man or woman from the village and a suitor from Brazil.
A group of Indonesian scientists maintain that Lusi is a new mud volcano that occurred naturally, and was likely triggered by a magnitude 6.
NIST proposed the LUSI project to radiometrically characterize the Moon as SI-traceable for use as an on-orbit reference standard for satellites with the required accuracy.
below wood we, over chopper, not able to OK, we surrender now, and you may chop (kill) us, and we, your servant do lusi kole hami mendi-r ite.
Hari (Dillon, who plays Michael Spence) is in a play at the moment which we are all going to see and Jing Lusi (who played Tara Lo) is also in a play we have been to see.
Read more from former star Jing Lusi, who played Tara, on p42.
The mud volcano known as Lusi began erupting in May 2006, triggered by either a nearby drilling accident or an earthquake.
Esmail Al Hammadi, Lusi Jimenez, Quaresma and Adnan Hussain were all denied in the first half by some brave goalkeeping from Humaid Abdullah, Dibba's reserve goalkeeper.
This geological phenomenon has been internationally well known as Lusi (Lumpur Sidoarjo).
The sewage pipe from the paper mill discharges into the sea in the port of Lusi, one of four fishing harbours in Qidong, one protestor, who for safety reasons only gave her name as Qin, told AFP.
New members include Thomas Barry, Daryl Briefer, Thomas Byrne, Tara Cha-cho, William Childs, Nancy Coffey, Brooke Coleman, Michael Patrick Curtis, Lesley Gadomski, Steven Gallo, Leslie Gurland, Mark Bach, Joseph Hornstein, Bruno LeBault, Lusi Lora, Warren McKinny, Heather Miele, Jennifer Nicosia, Parand Salmassin, Sheila Serbicki, Jimmy Silberman, Stephane Stanyon-Brand, George Swatek III and Megan Yang