Luxembourg General Strike of 1942

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Luxembourg General Strike of 1942


begun in protest against the decision of the government of fascist Germany, which had occupied Luxembourg on May 10, 1940, to annex it to the German Reich; it was also against the order introducing universal military service in Luxembourg and drafting Luxembourgers into the fascist German Army.

On August 31 the workers of a metallurgical plant of the Arbed concern in the city of Esch and of the Ideal Leather Factory in the city of Wiltz stopped work, and on September 1 the strike became nationwide. The leading force of the Luxembourg general strike was the Communists, who actively participated in the national Resistance Movement. The Luxembourg general strike was suppressed with armed force on September 8. Nevertheless, it foiled the plans of the fascist German invaders for carrying out the mobilization, demonstrated the people’s will to fight for independence, and contributed to a subsequent strengthening of the Resistance Movement in the country. The population of Luxembourg annually celebrates the anniversary of the Luxembourg general strike in early September.


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