Ly Thuong Kiet

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Ly Thuong Kiet


Born 1019 in Thang Lung; died 1105 in Thanh Hoa Province. Vietnamese general.

Ly Thuong Kiet led victorious campaigns against Champa in 1069 and Sung China in 1075–77, which resulted in the annexation by the Vietnamese state of large territories in the north and south. Governor of southern Dai Viet from 1082 to 1105, Ly Thuong Kiet suppressed the rebellion of the feudal separatist Ly Giac in 1103. In 1104 he led a new successful campaign against Champa.

Vietnamese feudal historiography considered Ly Thuong Kiet the ideal of a general, and he was venerated as the god of war (from 1138). The first stone stelae—including the earliest monuments of Vietnamese epigraphy (1100) that have been preserved—were devoted to his memory.

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In 1075, anticipating an attack from Song forces, the court regent and military commander Ly Thuong Kiet (1019-1105) led an attack on two fronts, sea and land, against southern China.
Ly Thuong Kiet, lich su ngoai giao va tong giao trieu Ly [Ly Thurong Kiet: History of the Ly Dynasty's Foreign Affairs and Relations with the Song Empire].
This is where the famous general Ly Thuong Kiet built a strategic-defence line against the Song (Chinese) invaders in the eleventh century.
Thus, Ly Thuong Kiet exclaimed in 1076, during attacks by the Sung armies: "The Emperor of the South rules over the mountains and rivers of the southern country....