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Pakistan: see FaisalabadFaisalabad
, formerly Lyallpur
, city (1998 pop. 1,977,246), NE Pakistan, in a cotton- and wheat-growing area. It is an important transportation and commercial center, especially for grains, cloth, and ghee (clarified butter).
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a city in Pakistan, Punjab Province, in the Chenab-Ravi interfluvial area. Population, 1.1 million (1972; 13,400 in 1906; 179,000 in 1951; 425,000 in 1961).

Lyallpur is the country’s third-largest economic center and a transportation hub. Its diversified industries produce food, textiles, footwear, chemicals, and metalwork. Its thermal power plant is based on the Sui gas deposits. Lyallpur is the trading center of an irrigated agricultural region that supplies commercial cotton and wheat. There is an agricultural institute. The city was founded in the 19th century and named for the English governor of the Punjab, J. Lyall. [14–339–4; updated]

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Bazla, in charge at the Lyallpur Heritage Foundation (LHF) said that she had devised feasibility for the restoration of the horse tram two years ago, which will incur a total expenditure of about Rs8 million.
Bilal Ahmad, TMO Lyallpur Town Mian Nadeem Anwar, officers of different departments of city district government anti dengue squads, sanitary patrols and large number of citizens belonging to different section of life participated the seminar and walk.
In the beginning Lyallpur now Faisalabad was developed as a hub of agricultural activities.
There is a strong tendency in Lyallpur and Gujranwala to bifurcate fairly large size units artificially to give them the legal appearance of small size separate units.
Deputy Commissioner/Chairman Lyallpur Eye Trust Slaman Ghani
Afzal Ahsan Randhawa was just one amongst many literary figures to frequent Lyallpur (Faisalabad) cafes
FAISALABAD -- A search operation was carried out in Madina Town, Lyallpur Town and Jaranwala Town on Thursday.
His mother, Teji, was born in Lyallpur [now Faisalabad], and was a graduate of Government College Lahore.
10) Lyallpur Chemicals and Fertilizers (Faisalabad): Comprises 2 plants.
These colonies include Ahmad Din Valley, New Lyallpur City, Gulshan-e-Baho, Akram Garden, Iqbal Town Azafi Aadi, Ahmad Nagar and Muhammad Nagar.
He also remained Lyallpur district board vice chairman in the Ayub Khan government.