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, city (1986 pop. 272,986), E central Egypt, on the Nile. An industrial and trading center and also the seat of a university, it is famed for pottery, carved bone and wood, leatherwork, and silk shawls.
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, city, Egypt.
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For example, on just one page in "The Well of Lycopolis" Share notes: "mansuetude," "Canopus," and--my personal favourite-"kecking," which appeared in Milton before Bunting used it.
For example, Shakespeare's Sonnet 86 is reworked into "The Well of Lycopolis," but Share warns us that Sonnet 86 wasn't t one of a number edited down by Bunting as an irreverent demonstration--to Dorothy Pound--of his superior concision.
John of Lycopolis used prayer, hymns, and contemplation to maintain his visions of God (HM 1.45).
But, as he adds in Skemmata 2, one must have "the assistance of God." Here Evagrius acknowledges what John of Lycopolis had told him and Ammonius: that this seeing the light of the mind is a graced event.
No part of Bunting's beloved Dante mattered more to him, as is evident in "The Well of Lycopolis" and "Attis," which translate parts of the Inferno's cantos 7 and 9.
A thinly-disguised Eliot is subjected to some ridicule in both "Attis: or, Something Missing" (1931) and "The Well of Lycopolis" (1935).
The stops on the journey run from south to north, between Lycopolis in the Thebais, where a group of seven pilgrims visited the monk John in autumn 394, to Diolcos on the Delta.
Fitschen, who dates it after the deaths of John (presumably of Lycopolis) and Macarius, who are known to have died after 394 and in 390 respectively (Serapion von Thmuis.
The article on the two earliest anti-Manichaean polemicists in Greek, Alexander of Lycopolis and Titus of Bostra, should now be read with the excellent study of W.