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, city (1986 pop. 272,986), E central Egypt, on the Nile. An industrial and trading center and also the seat of a university, it is famed for pottery, carved bone and wood, leatherwork, and silk shawls.
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, city, Egypt.
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John of Lycopolis used prayer, hymns, and contemplation to maintain his visions of God (HM 1.
Here Evagrius acknowledges what John of Lycopolis had told him and Ammonius: that this seeing the light of the mind is a graced event.
In this case, one presumes that the tribunes were chosen for their ability to record, both swiftly and accurately, each word uttered by John of Lycopolis in reply to the emperor's request, as much as for their services as messengers.
32ff Boissonade, names Lyco (perhaps Lycopolis, as in the Suda?
In the Well of Lycopolis I have tried to turn Dante's contempt for it around, where I have Styx "silvered by a wind from Heaven" - ultimate hope rising from the helpless victim of accidie.
Sayings by Macarius the Alexandrian are found scattered among those listed under the name of Macarius the Egyptian, and a story about John of Lycopolis is ascribed to John the Little.