lycopus europaeus

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Square-stemmed plant in Mint and Horehound family. Used for hyperthyroid, Graves disease, inhibits iodine metabolism. People with Hypothyroid should not use. Also for coughs, heart(slows and strengthens heart contractions), lung problems, diabetes, Whole plant edible. Astringent, helps stop bleeding, menstruation.
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The treatment with Lycopus europaeus did not cause distinct changes to the f[T.
An observational study yielded no noticeable changes of thyroid parameters in the serum of humans treated with Lycopus europaeus, whereas a reduction of tachycardic episodes and an improvement of vegetative and psychic complaints was observed (Scheck and Biller, 2000).
4] excretion in urine is significantly increased in the Lycopus europaeus group as compared to the control group, which was treated exclusively with other classical naturopathic procedures.
tendential effects caused by the additional intake of Lycopus europaeus.
4] values in blood could have increased resulting from the treatment with Lycopus europaeus so that an increased excretion was measured.
In an additional randomized study the efficiency of Lycopus europaeus should be further examined, including the above-mentioned parameters.
Influence of Lycopus europaeus extracts on distribution of iodine in human serum.