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a city in Grodno Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Population, 50,000 (1972; 28,500, 1959). Lida is a railroad junction for lines to Grodno, Vilnius, Molodechno, and Baranovichi.

Lida has plants producing varnishes and paints, agricultural machinery (potato diggers), and electrical devices. There is an automotive repair shop. The Metallist plant produces furniture and building supplies. Lida also has a brewery and meat, milk-canning, and food-concentrate combines. There is a footwear factory. Lida has enterprises serving railroad transportation. A peat-extraction enterprise is located near Lida.

Lida has an industrial technicum. There is a museum of local lore and a planetarium. The city was founded in the 13th century and contains the ruins of a castle built on a man-made hill around 1325; the castle was destroyed in 1710.

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