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Lysander Spooner, unlike some abolitionists, was hardly single-minded in his fight against injustice as he perceived it.
Among the changes from the real-life London Underground are Westminster as tragedy King Lear, St Paul's as Lysander from A Midsummer Night's Dream and Cannon Street as history play King John.
Lysander Suerte says about 40 New People's Army rebels detonated a bomb then opened fire on a truckload of policemen in the coastal town of Baggao in Cagayan province Tuesday, sparking an hourlong gunbattle.
There are delicious comic touches, with David Rankine's Lysander limbering to take on his love rival in the distance beside a flower bed, while the action continues on the other side of the path.
Lysander Funds Limited declared on Tuesday that Canso Credit Income Fund (TSX:PBY.
At one point, Puck begs the Fairy King Oberon (Thomas Hewitt) to "chillax and breathe with me", and at another Lysander (Dale Page) starts singing a song from Frozen.
Claire, who lives on Lysander Drive in Walker, Newcastle, with daughters Ellie-May, six, Summer, four, and Brooke, two, said: "We were out at the soft play area when I got a call from my landlord at around 10am saying a digger had toppled over into my garden.
Edinburgh's Imogen Dyer, a four-year-old and her brother Lysander, nearly two, were the first children to use the new play zone, spotting it immediately as they entered the departure lounge.
Sadie, her cousins, and her friend, Tom, become caught up in Jacob's mission to search for a stolen relic containing a demon that he must keep from Lysander, ruler of the drowned land, Atlantis, who desires it for its power to grant her immortality.
It features an ensemble cast of characters familiar to free market fans, from Lysander Spooner and Murray Rothbard to contemporary libertarian writers such as Jeffrey Tucker and Walter Block.
Athenian youngsters Hermia and Lysander are in love and desperate to be together, but Lysander's rival Demetrius is Hermia's father's favoured candidate for her hand.
When Rochester's historic Lysander Woodward House was recently slated for destruction, alarmed local history enthusiasts successfully petitioned city government to save the stately Greek Revival structure.