(McClintock), a channel in the central Canadian Arctic Archipelago between Prince of Wales Island in the east and Victoria Island in the west. Width, 90-170 km; length, approximately 250 km; maximum depths, 300 m in the north and 120 m in the south. In August and September, it is passable with the aid of icebreakers. The channel was named in honor of F. L. McClintock.

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Speculation that the men suffered from cognitive impairment has come from the fact that the Victory Point note, recovered by M'Clintock, suggests that Fitzjames recorded the wrong year that the expedition overwintered at Beechey Island.
When Cady Stanton complained bitterly to four friends - Mott, Mary Ann M'Clintock, Martha Wright and Jane Hunt - who had gathered at the Hunt home in nearby Waterloo, the women decided to take action.
7) Leopold M'Clintock, dispatched by Lady Franklin to search for her husband on King William Island, tried six times to penetrate Bellot Strait during the summer of 1858 before continuing his journey by dogsled.
It was M'Clintock whose expedition proved that Franklin died before his crew was forced to use what Dickens termed the "last resource" (Dickens 361).
The same survey, however, found only 284 bears in the M'Clintock Channel region, a lower population than was previously estimated.
Park staff hope that through a fundraising campaign, aided by the National Park Foundation, they will be able to restore the M'Clintock House, where convention planners met to draft the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments.
Hunting opportunities have been lost in some areas, such as M'Clintock Channel, where communities' overharvesting led to a moratorium (Taylor et al.
Hobson, in M'Clintock, Sir Francis Leopold: Arctic expeditions 1848-1859.
However, inventiveness in fashioning sleds in wood- and whale bone-impoverished regions is among the best known traits of Inuit, especially the Netsilik Inuit, who often made sleds from frozen fish wrapped in seal skins (Ross, 1835:546; M'Clintock, 1859:212, 233) and even from freshwater ice (Ross, 1835: 532).
3% (n = 56) were recovered from other populations outside of Baffin Bay and incorporated in the modeling (31 in Lancaster Sound, 18 in Davis Strait, 4 in Kane Basin, and 1 each in East Greenland, Foxe Basin, and M'Clintock Channel; Fig.
M'Clintock (1853) on Melville Island, including M'Clintock's cart that he had abandoned along with scientific specimens and equipment.