(McClure), a strait in the western Canadian Arctic Archipelago, between Banks Island in the south and Prince Patrick and Melville islands in the north. Length, approximately 400 km; width, 88-140 km; depth, more than 300 m (maximum depth, 472 m). It is covered with ice throughout the year. Ships accompanied by icebreakers can pass in August and September. The strait was named in honor of R. J. McClure.

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22) Between the islands lie a number of possible shipping routes connecting the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans (and later the Pacific Ocean), with the widest and deepest route running from Lancaster Sound through Barrow Strait into Viscount Melville Sound and onwards through M'Clure Strait into the Beaufort Sea.
For biographical information and discussions of his role in the Awakening, see Dexter, Biographical Sketches, 1:493-99; James Dow McCallum, Eleazar Wheelock (New York: Arno, 1969); David M'Clure and Elijah Parish, Memoirs of the Rev.
Filtered locations were grouped into 13 geographic zones: EAG, western Amundsen Gulf, PAS, Coronation Gulf, Dolphin and Union Strait, Darnley Bay, Franklin Bay, Minto Inlet, Eastern Beaufort Sea, Prince of Wales Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, M'Clure Strait, and McClintock Channel (Fig.
On average, sea ice is transported eastward in the northern reaches of the Beaufort Gyre, then southward down the western coast of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago along the Parry Islands, across M'Clure Strait, and finally along the west coast of Banks Island before it turns west, following the northern continental coast and crossing the mouth of the Mackenzie River (Fig.
Areas near the edges of the CAA, including the periphery of the Western High Arctic, Amundsen Gulf, M'Clure Strait, Lancaster Sound, Prince Regent Inlet and the Gulf of Boothia, were land fast for the shortest amount of time each year (Fig.
Stockton (1890) considered it unfortunate that Collinson's record was overshadowed by that of Robert M'Clure (1807-73), who commanded HMS Investigator and abandoned his ship in Mercy Bay, Banks Island, but traveled on to make the first transit of the Northwest Passage.
A bitch (named Bess) that M'Clure had obtained from the Inuit at one of Investigator's stops on the north coast of Alaska joined Intrepid's dog team at Dealy Island (McClintock, 1852-54: 30 November 1853).
John Rae and Commander Robert M'Clure had covered almost all of the same ground, in some cases only weeks earlier.
In 2001, the Kapitan Khlebnikov traversed route 1, the northerly route through Viscount Melville Sound, M'Clure Strait and into the Beaufort Sea, in both easterly and westerly directions.
As extended daylight returned in late winter, groups moved to snow houses built on the sea ice, where they hunted seals at their breathing holes into the late spring (Richardson, 1851:257; M'Clure, 1969:87).
It was deposited by the last ice entering Liddon Gulf from M'Clure Strait.