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TEI commends the IRS and Treasury Department for concluding that the Schedule M-3 supplies substantially all the information that IRS agents require in order to examine significant book-tax accounting differences.
For example, is the IRS or Treasury considering additional tax return disclosures or general reconciliation schedules in addition to schedule M-3 for corporations (1120-C,-S,-PC, or -L) or partnerships (1065)?
According to Robert Adams, a senior industry adviser in the IRS's Large and Mid-Size Business Division, the Service is also formulating versions of Schedule M-3 for partnership, S corporation, property and casualty insurance company, and life insurance company returns.
Schedule M-3 applies to C corporations with $10 million or more of total assets, generally determined on an accrual basis as of the end of the tax year.
Schedule M-3 is a separate form to be attached to the regular corporate income tax return, Form 1120.
4: When X-1 runs the ball to the other side of the goal, D-3 must pick him up, while the other defenders rotate as shown to maintain the rectangle -- D-2 sliding to the M-2 corner, M-2 sliding to the M-1 corner, M-1 sliding to M-3, and M-3 sliding to D-3.
Filing Schedule M-3 will satisfy tax shelter disclosure requirements for transactions with a significant book-tax difference.
The M-3 data will be a major component of a revised return selection system for audits.
Taxpayers with assets exceeding $10 million who file Form 1120 are required to file Schedule M-3 for tax years beginning on or after Dec.
The following comments summarize Tax Executives Institute's discussions with LMSB and Treasury concerning the design of proposed Schedule M-3 and accompanying instructions, and other matters related to them.
Q&A-6 clarifies that Part I of Schedule M-3 must be completed once to report consolidated information and activity for an entire U.