money supply

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money supply:

see moneymoney,
term that refers to two concepts: the abstract unit of account in terms of which the value of goods, services, and obligations can be compared; and anything that is widely established as a means of payment.
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Banks may finance C&I loans by issuing certificates of deposit, which are counted within the large (greater than $100,000) time deposit component of the M3 monetary aggregate. (C&I loans and large time deposits show a high correlation--0.86 since 1975.) Large time deposits' growth rate has fallen almost exactly in step with C&I loans, from a 15.9% average last year to 4.7% in the first 10 months of this year.
Broader definitions of money, namely the M2 and M3 monetary aggregates, provide results that suggest a relatively close relationship between money and inflation over a "long run" as short as four years.