Gas Metal Arc Welding

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Welding, Gas Metal Arc


a type of arc welding in which protective gases are fed to the weld zone in order to prevent air from acting on the weld. Gas shielding provides a stable arc, improves the conditions for forming a weld, and improves the quality of the weld itself.

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ESAB will also have live demonstrations with its new Excellerator Pre-Engineered Robotic Cell, which will show various MAG welding processes.
ESAB has developed a new microsite to help users of MAG welding increase their productivity and quality.
50 solid welding wire in 250kg Marathon Pacs for MAG welding of non-alloyed steels.
Together they result in increased productivity and lower welding costs, giving the welder higher performance levels and efficiency whether undertaking manual, mechanized or robotic MAG welding.
practice and theory training for the following welding processes: mig / mag welding 135, manual arc welding 111, tig welding 141 with / without additional material, mig / mag welding 136 (cored wire)
ESAB has introduced OK AristoRod, a new family of solid copper-free MAG welding wires that enables fabricators to get the best out of their welding stations, whether they are semi-automatic, mechanized or robotic.
Tenders are invited for Promotion of digitalisation in bs - supply of 2 pulse welding packages for mig / mag welding machine platform and a remote control for digitizing an existing welding system
Tenders are invited for Is Marked Multi Stage High Pressure Argon Regulator Use In Mig / Mag Welding Purpose Suitable For High Pressue Argon Shield Cylinder As Per Specification Attached In The In The Doc Tab.
Tenders are invited for Welding inverter for semi-automatic pulse and standard MIG / MAG welding, with a maximum welding current of 450A and liquid cooling.