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(1) See micro systems technology.

(2) (Magnetic Secure Transmission) See Samsung Pay.

(3) (Multi-Stream Transport) Daisy chaining DisplayPort (DP) devices together. For example, when connecting two monitors, a DP cable goes from the computer's DP-Out port to the DP-In port of the first monitor, and another cable connects DP-Out from the first monitor to the DP-In of the second monitor. See DisplayPort.

A Viewsonic Daisy Chain
This Viewsonic VP2771 user manual shows how many monitors can be daisy chained via the MST interface; for example, four 2K monitors; one 4K and two 2K; or two 4K.
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On adverse, miR-155 was also suggested to possess protective feature as it prevented development of AS and its progression by regulating inflammatory response and MAP3K10 of MAPK pathway [203].