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M.b.m., MBM

In the lumber industry, abbr. for “thousand (feet) board measure.”
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Unlike MBA -- Master of Business Administration -- the MBM programme does not require a three-year work experience because it is designed specifically for fresh graduates or those who have been employed in a non-managerial role and now may want to grow to a different role or even change their career path.
MBM also provided familiarisation training for the machines on site and Ismail Hammad, a technical services engineer for Genie, commented: "As far as the Genie GTH-4018 models are concerned, the operators said they found them easy to operate and manoeuvre.
Nevertheless, there are consistently differing views on how any future MBM scheme will operate in practice.
MBM is represented in 37 different countries worldwide and the move into Birmingham comes as part of expansion plans.
6 March 2014 -- Oklahoma US-based BOK Financial Corp (NASDAQ: BOKF) said that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Houston-based retirement and pension plan investment firm MBM Advisors.
BOK Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: BOKF) has said that it has entered into an agreement to acquire MBM Advisors, a Houston-based independent, full service retirement and pension plan investment firm and SEC registered investment adviser.
MBM Group is an investment group that includes brothers Jim Murry of Portland, Mike Murry of Eugene, and their brother-in-law, Dennis Bottem of Veneta.
Total turnover also increased by at least 30 per cent each quarter as the firm began marketing its MBM products in the international markets.
MBM Advisors was formed in 1966 to provide comprehensive retirement plan solutions for small and midsized employers.
Although Brussels is not proposing to reintroduce MBM for cows - if legalised again, animal protein feed would be strictly from and for non-ruminants only - the close association between such feed and BSE raises the question as to whether this is a wound worth reopening.
Michigan-based computer and communication system solutions provider MBM Computer System Solutions and imaging and networking technologies provider Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc announced on Friday that MBM is now an authorised dealer of Konica Minolta.
MBM Holdings has announced the format- ion of MBM Solar Holding Inc, which will build a solar-grade polysilicon plant in the UAE.