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M.b.m., MBM

In the lumber industry, abbr. for “thousand (feet) board measure.”
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Only in Quebec, all minimum-wage workers were over the MBM poverty line.
We heard a desire for more direct involvement in mission by congregations; an interest for MBM to be a partner to do mission with, rather than for, Mennonite congregations and conferences.
In the board's survey, most of the MBM makers claimed they had no idea they were responsible for the consumption tax.
and El Pollo Loco as well as issues regarding MBM drivers' working conditions.
MBM transport chief operating officer Saeed Nazeer said: "Our co-operation with NBK and Mercedes-Benz is crowned today with recent deliveries and confirms our mutual commitment and long-term partnership.
Broker Bill Newland, who represented MBM Group, said Old Dominion Freight Line plans to build a cross-dock truck terminal in Coburg and to relocate its operations there from its terminal in Tangent.
All three executives previously held similar positions with MBM Advisors, Inc.
That means the sustainability argument - which sees MBM as a greener, less wasteful alternative to imported soya - will become increasingly difficult to ignore.
Location Details of MBM Solar Holding Inc, which will build a 2500MT/a solar- grade polysilicon plant in the UAE.
DUBAI, August 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MBM Holdings has announced the formation of MBM Solar Holding Inc.
Auto Business News-11 March 2009-Proton and MBM may get boost from government trade-in subsidy(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
EDO MBM Technologies Ltd is the sole UK subsidiary of US weapons manufacturer EDO Corp.