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M.b.m., MBM

In the lumber industry, abbr. for “thousand (feet) board measure.”
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MBM Gulf's statement said: "[Reddy's] appointment will enable us to develop further through best practices and [...] delivering quality projects to our clients, [helping achieve] our goals and vision of being better than the rest in the industry."
In a media statement today, MBM president Jufitri Joha also said that the change must be accepted voluntarily by the youth groups, rather than 'forced' through legislation.
What happened next was at first heartening, and in its aftermath depressingly regressive.The stories that Profit heard from the MBM workers were often harrowing, the working conditions almost as appalling as the apathy of both MBM and LUMS.
Citing health concerns, the government banned the MBM recently.
An example of corporate learning experience by the CIIM MBM students is the Annual Live Case Project, which is a project-type course that introduces to students a current real-life business challenge presented by the managers of a chosen company.
As a distinctive marathon event, MBM 2019 offers three differentiated features: running experience, an international standard competition and security & service quality.
Bryan Iorgulescu, M.D., from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and colleagues used data from the National Cancer Database to evaluate the characteristics, management, and OS of patients who presented with cutaneous MBM from 2010 to 2015.
Improved OS was also associated with fewer comorbidities, younger age, management at an academic cancer center, single-fraction stereotactic radiosurgery, and resection of the MBM.
Essential elements in MBM are crucial for ideal growth and development of infants.
MBM can be regarded as an instance of index modulation (or channel modulation as described in [4]), which has attracted significant attention recently due to the advantages in significantly improving the spectral and energy efficiency compared to the traditional digital modulation technique.
MBM is represented in 37 different countries worldwide and the move into Birmingham comes as part of expansion plans.
While one wishes a blessed New Year 2016 which marks the 60th Anniversary of the Independence of Sudan, the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) regime for past 26 lean long years reduces the hope for a bright future for the people of Sudan.