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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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Those who are craving for their McDo favorites now have a new and more accessible option for online delivery.
Retired US Navy officer Ben Roquid, 72, of Oas, Albay, and a resident of Legazpi City, said they christened their group Barangay McDo simply because their favourite hangout was McDonald's Food Court that eventually developed at the Pacific Mall Legazpi outlet in 2011.
Apres avoir vu le film [beaucoup moins que]Supersize me[beaucoup plus grand que] je ne peux m'empecher de penser au probleme de sante que pourrait engendrer une forte consommation chez McDo notamment le probleme de l'obesite (meme si l'obesite est a la base une maladie).
But one cannot leave France without reference to McDonalds, or McDo, as is its household term everywhere in French.
Eliminer la malbouffe et remplir les McDo? Etude du paysage alimentaire autour des ecoles montrealaises.
Nicknames for McDonald's include the Golden Arches (America) and McDo (France) 6.
The extent of ``McColonisation'' can be seen in the following marketing ploys: France, Croque McDo; India, Chicken MaharajaMac; New Zealand, Kiwi Burger; Middle East,McArabia Sandwich; Poland,McKielbasa.
And the French still do it well, despite grandes surfaces and 'McDo', and despite this canicule, making one solid meal a day the limit, if that.
Gutsiest Political Doc: Maxime, McDuff et McDo, in which the inimita ble Magnus Isacsson tackles the Golden Arches, the youth who work beneath them and their struggle to unionize.
Of course, this "McDo" (as the French call them) is in a prime location in Paris for locals and tourists alike.
A paper serviette turns bright with tubercular blood, and the narrator's sense of having to tiptoe through economic differences now seems only a small part of her guilt: any projection of future trips to McDo, of careers, of survival itself, will take place in clear contrast to the sister's determined fate.