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Meta Class System.

A portable object-oriented extension of Common Lisp from GMD. It integrates the functionality of CLOS and TELOS.
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(1) See Microsoft Cluster Server.

(2) (Microsoft Consulting Services) The consulting arm of Microsoft which offers support for installation and maintenance of Microsoft applications and operating systems.

(3) (Multimedia Conference Server) A family of videoconferencing servers from VideoServer, Inc., Lexington, MA. The MCS was the first multipoint control unit to comply with H.320.

(4) A family of microcontroller units (MCUs) from Intel. In 1995, Intel introduced its 8-bit MCS 251 chips which are binary compatible with its older MCS 51 series.

(5) (Multivendor Customer Service) The consulting arm of Digital Equipment that was founded in 1993. It provided hardware, software and network services for a variety of platforms.
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Founded in 1974, Milpitas Christian School (MCS) has been equipping followers of Christ to transform their world.
Keeping its grassroots feel of owner-driven stores, local restaurants, and thrift bargain buys, MCS has been going through a major facelift and retrofitting since last year.
To explore the detoxification mechanism of GSH to MCs toxicity, two primary MC-GSHs originated from MCLR and MCRR were synthesized through electrophilic addition reaction.
In order to evaluate the severity of facet joint osteoarthritis, a total of 180 lumbar facet joints from lumbar MRI images of patients with MCs (60 facet joints for each Modic type), and 60 lumbar facet joints from MRI images of patients without MCs were selected and analyzed.
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MCS said that the acquisition will expand its suite of mortgage services to include valuation products in both the default and origination sectors.
The life of most MCs begins at the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Md., where they enter "A" School.
In conclusion, the synchronization of the spikes of MCs plays an important role in information encoding.
In this study, poly(urea-formaldehyde) MCs filled with DBTDL (PUF/DBTDL MCs) were applied to CE resins to develop a novel low temperature cure high performance CE/MCs system.
The proxy table keeps track of other MCs' location information.
RESULTS: MCs can cross neuronal cell membranes, with a subsequent decrease of PP activity.
The mining industry's post-accident emergency communications requirements have been met by the wireless, through-the-earth communications system, MagneLink MCS. Voice communication and texting are provided by the system.