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Meta Class System.

A portable object-oriented extension of Common Lisp from GMD. It integrates the functionality of CLOS and TELOS.


(1) See Microsoft Cluster Server.

(2) (Microsoft Consulting Services) The consulting arm of Microsoft which offers support for installation and maintenance of Microsoft applications and operating systems.

(3) (Multimedia Conference Server) A family of videoconferencing servers from VideoServer, Inc., Lexington, MA. The MCS was the first multipoint control unit to comply with H.320.

(4) A family of microcontroller units (MCUs) from Intel. In 1995, Intel introduced its 8-bit MCS 251 chips which are binary compatible with its older MCS 51 series.

(5) (Multivendor Customer Service) The consulting arm of Digital Equipment that was founded in 1993. It provided hardware, software and network services for a variety of platforms.
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Why does MCS have multiple overlaps with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?
Some 80 percent of MCS sufferers in the region are basically homeless, living nomadic lives in stripped-down mobile homes, old RVs, used cars, made-to-order tents, lean-tos and shelters.
The idea of MCS has a certain intuitive appeal to anyone who is familiar with allergies.
MCS is a leading installer of residential insulation and other residential building products including insulation, fireplaces, cabinets, windows, doors, gutters and more.
Steinemann found both that MCS is a common and serious condition and that sufferers had little history of depression, anxiety, or other emotional problems before MCS was diagnosed [EHP 111:1490-1497].
Although MCS is most often linked to the current widespread use of chemicals, some say it is not new at all, but simply an old form of mental illness wearing a 20th-century label.
Catalytic MCS gives developers using MATLAB the ability to quickly generate reference models that connect into a C-based environment.
The exquisite chemical sensitivity mechanism proposed here is not only an extension of the previous elevated nitric oxide/peroxynitrite theory of MCS, but also shares the central tenets of the neural sensitization theory of MCS etiology (Bell et al.
Behind Catalytic MCS is world-class compilation technology that converts MATLAB into the C language by synthesizing a dynamically typed vector language into a compilable language.
An alternative and clinically useful definition (7) took an operational approach: anyone who endorsed at least three of four items relecting lifestyle changes because of chemicals could be considered to have MCS.
A long-time member of the Double-Take Software Xcelerate Partner Program, MCS is certified to deliver and support Double-Take data protection solutions.