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(1) (Monochrome Display Adapter) The first IBM PC monochrome video display standard for text. Due to its lack of graphics, MDA cards were often replaced with Hercules cards, which included graphics. See Hercules Graphics and VGA.

(2) (Model Driven Architecture) See Object Management Architecture.

(3) (Mechanical Design Automation) Applications that help automate the design and engineering processes from concept to manufacturing. Automotive, aerospace and discrete manufacturing are examples of industries that use MDA.

(4) (Modular Digital Architecture) An earlier snap-together, building-block approach for adding peripherals to a PC from NeoSystems, Inc.
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The MDA sources said that demolishing of other illegal constructions from Kalma Chowk to Nawan Sheher Chowk would also be started within next few days.
Presiding over a meeting, DG MDA said that shops and houses in front of Multan Arts Council would be issued notices within next two days to voluntarily demolish structures adding that after two days MDA would employ heavy machinery to demolish structures to initiate road expansion work without any delay.
He said that MDA was also doing lane-marking of the main roads of the city under MDA including LMQ road, Vehari road, BCG chowk, Metro route and others.
The retreat had as its theme: 'The role of MDAs in the implementation of IPPIS and its effect on Workers' Condition of Service and Government Revenue.''
According to a spokesman for the local government, the meeting had decided that if the price fixed by the committee was more than the proposed price, the MDA would seek applicants' consent.
The MDA has agreed to lease the aforesaid 'PREMISES' to the 'LESSOR' for the purposes of management and exclusive marketing rights with effect from the date of signing this agreement on the following terms and conditions, he added.
Later unveiling salient features of the project and details of the MoU, Director Planning and Horticulture MDA Mirza Kaleem Jiraal told this Correspondent that under the MoU, the 'MDA' seized and possessed the specified land where six (6) traffic Signals and three (3) pedestrian crossing bridges, to be built and installed at the above sites.
"A [consolidated chunk of land] was taken from the MDA and in return it was given bits and pieces," the chief justice observed.
Our results showed that MDA level was significantly high yet it is not significant if we compare the Gleason scoring with the normal control.
You can have all the toys but without the learning coming from MDA, the vision for the society will not succeed," Gordon said.
The transaction is accretive to Maxar's operating earnings per share beginning in 2019, solidifies MDA's leadership in space robotics innovation, and reinforces Maxar's industry-leading space capabilities.