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(Maggie) Tam O’Shanter’s gray mare that lost her tail to the witch. [Scot. Poetry: Burns “Tam O’Shanter”]
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(MEGabyte, MEGabit, MEGahertz, etc.). Common slang for some "mega" (million) measurement. The terms "megabits" and "megabytes" are often erroneously interchanged. For details about correct usage, see space/time. See mega and gig.
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We all will," cried Meg. "I think too much of my looks and hate to work, but won't any more, if I can help it."
"I liked the place where the bundles fell off and tumbled downstairs," said Meg.
Meg had a voice like a flute, and she and herr mother led the little choir.
Meg timidly said, 'Yes.' But everybody knew Alderman Cute was a Justice!
Toby knew not whether to be agonised or glad, to see that Meg had turned a deadly white, and dropped her lover's hand.
Toby, who had been looking after Meg, quite stupidly, made shift to murmur out that he was very quick, and very strong.
For the 6 months ended June 30, 2019 MEG generated free cash flow of $293 million; Bitumen production volumes of 97,288 barrels per day (bbls/d) at a steam-oil-ratio (SOR) of 2.16; Average AWB blend sales price net of transportation and storage costs at Edmonton of US$47.77beat the posted AWB index price for the quarter, notwithstanding 41% Enbridge mainline apportionment, highlighting the value of MEG's North American marketing strategy; Total cash capital investment of $32 million in the quarter as part of the $200 million 2019 capital program.
IFC's debt financing package will help MEG ramp up production of its containers, which are used by a variety of companies, from beverage makers to pharmaceutical firms.
IFC's debt financing package will help MEG ramp up container production, which are used by a variety of companies, such as beverage companies and pharmaceutical firms.
"Meg did an amazing job - and it meant she was actually pregnant by two men at the same time.
You'll find 530 meg of vitamin K1 in a half cup of frozen, boiled collard greens; 426 meg in a half cup of frozen, boiled turnip greens; 145 meg in a cup of raw spinach; 113 meg in a cup of raw kale; and 110 meg in a cup of chopped, boiled broccoli.
Meg was a precious woman who was passionate, devoted, compassionate, gritty, sassy and fun.