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A set of class libraries by Atsushi Aoki <> and others for Objectworks Smalltalk Release 4.1. Mei includes: Grapher Library for drawing diagrams; Meta Grapher Library (grapher to develop grapher); Drawing tools and painting tools (structured diagram editors and drawing editors); GUI builder; Lisp interpreter; Prolog interpreter; Pluggable gauges; Extended browser; (package, history, recover, etc.)

Mei is available under General Public License and requires Objectworks Smalltalk Release 4.1.

Latest version: 0.50, as of 1993-01-20.

E-mail: Watanabe Katsuhiro <>
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Mei's new automatic 4QC is an automatic quality control system that has been developed as an upgrade to all of its 4Racer devices.
The MEI process surfaced another interesting insight: not everyone wants to be a manager.
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Forty-seven cities earned perfect 100-point scores, up from 38 in 2014, 25 in 2013 and 11 in 2012, the first year of the MEI. This year's MEI marks the largest number of 100-point scores in its history.
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Pern' Roland, at the University of Virginia, began work on MEI in 1999 as a music-specific XML schema.
Upon the establishment of the JV company, the JV company will be owned as to 70% by Phoenix Healthcare and as to 30% by Beijing Jing Mei.
Although Mei's initial reaction, understandably, is to wonder what possible effect she can have on the proceedings, she agrees to travel to Guangzhou, where she meets her mother (Mardy Ma, simply heartbreaking), who in their first awkward encounter can't even bring herself to look at her daughter.
Additionally, both dan mei's readers and writers view the genre as separate from mainstream gay fiction.