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Messier, Charles


Born June 26, 1730, in Badonviller; died Apr. 12, 1817, in Paris. French astronomer. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1770).

Messier carried out systematic searches for new comets, and between 1763 and 1802 he discovered 14 comets, including the 1770 I short-period comet, now called Lexel’s comet. In 1781 he compiled a catalog of nebulae and star clusters containing 103 objects.

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Even though only 63 Messier objects are in the Hubble catalog currently, a total of 93 Messier objects have been imaged by the telescope as of September 2017.
Late on the night of January 18-19, 1779, as Messier wrote in the Histoire de VAcademie Royale des Sciences for that year, the "sky was perfectly clear" as he prepared to make a routine timing of when Jupiter's satellite Io would disappear into the planet's shadow.
As well as this double nucleus, Messier 83 has hosted quite a few supernova explosions-six in total that we have observed.
If it's good enough for the Bering Sea fishing boats, it'll pay big dividends here in rural Alaska," Messier said.
The bottom line of the bowl, indicated by Beta and Gamma Ursae Majoris, brings us to the next Messier object.
Last month, Messier appeared on French TV and radio, preaching, of all things, capitalist ethics--a moral crusade that galled many Gauls.
The 110 objects themselves are dealt with in much detail, from how and when the catalogue was compiled, the descriptions of the observations by Messier himself, and then the large remainder of the book which is devoted to each in turn.
Messier-Dowty and Messier Services together have 4,300 employees across sites in Europe, North America and Asia, and posted sales in the region of 738m euros in 2006.
The attack took place as Messier was about to dive into the lake near Tampa, Florida, to retrieve hundreds of balls.
Boeing's Commercial Aviation Services unit yesterday reached agreement with Messier Services-Asia, SR Technics and Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co.
Messier, still the New York Rangers' top center after all these years, did not win Most Valuable Player honors.
Messier has been a high-ranking civil servant in the French Ministry of Finance, where he worked to privatize several corporations, all of whom are now part of that country's top 20 corporations.