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METAR (meteorological aeronautical radio code)

METAR (meteorological aeronautical radio code)click for a larger image
A report transmitted by radio of the actual weather at a station at a particular time. An example of such a report for Donlon—a fictitious location—is METAR YUDO 221630Z 24015KMH 0600 R12/1000U FG DZ SCT010 OVC020 17/16 Q1018 BECMG TL1700 0800 FG BECMG AT1800 9999 NSW. It means, the “routine report for Donlon/International (its indicator is YUDO) issued on the 22nd of the month at 1630 UTC (221630Z); surface wind direction 240 degrees, wind speed 15 kmph (24015KMH); visibility 600 m (0600); the runway visual range representing a touchdown zone of runway 12 is 1000 m, and the runway visual range values have shown an upward trend during the previous 10 min (R12/1000U); fog and drizzle (FG DZ); scattered clouds at 300 m (SCT010); overcast at 600 m (OVC020); air temperature 17 °C Celsius, and dew-point temperature 16 °C (17/16); QNH 1018 hectopascals (Q1018); the trend during the next two hours is visibility is becoming 800 m in fog by 1700 UTC (BECMG TL1700 0800 FG); at 1800 UTC, visibility is becoming 10 m or more (BCMG AT1800); and nil significant weather (9999 NSW). UTC is Coordinated Universal Time.
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Since ceiling is measured with respect to ground level, the interpolation of ceiling must account for the elevation of the reporting METAR station and the variation of terrain height between stations.
The official location for current METAR data reported through GTS is
Metar's products offer snow removal professionals a means of mitigating risks associated with above-average or below-average snowfall by protecting revenues and profits during years of low snowfall and capping expenses during years of abnormally high snowfall.
The Metar's counterpart is the TAF, or terminal aerodrome forecast, providing information similar to the Metar but forecast for various times in the future.
The new scheme, known as Metar, which is scheduled for approval in early November, sets upper and lower capacity limits for eligible generators, guarantees 15-year subsidies, and awards premiums for heat and power offtake or projects in under developed regions.
& Remote Metar Technology:
When we receive radiosonde data showing temperatures and winds, look at a winds aloft chart, or even when we see a METAR, we are looking at conditions in the environment.
Senator Murkowski secured language that allows these carriers to continue flying by using available weather data, such as a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) or Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR), given that the National Weather Service does not have forecasted weather data available for most of Alaska.
This can be determined without a local Metar observation simply by observing visible moisture or when an airstrip is near a lake, golf course, meadow or moist forest where localized relative humidity can be high and quickly vary along a flight path.
In addition to replicating common performance calculations and performing as weight-and-balance calculator, iFly Sikorsky v2.0 now connects to internet based weather data (METAR) and offers an entirely new graphical interface.
Prevailing visibility, which is the primary visibility measurement we see in METAR reports, is the maximum visibility figure valid for half of all directions around an observer.
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