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, m?tro
an underground, or largely underground, railway system in certain cities, esp in Europe, such as that in Paris


(1) See Metro interface.

(2) The code name for Microsoft's XPS document format. See XML Paper Specification.
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Once you have gripped all the techniques and they have made sure that you are a proper ambassador for the brand, you are then obliged not only to promote Make-up Studio products but also to promote their techniques and to reveal the secretes of make-up artists," Metri said.
Experto en exploracion de campos profundos y en los modelos de contrato que se han impulsado en esa nacion, Smith Metri pone como ejemplo el caso reciente de las protestas sociales generadas por la licitacion del campo petrolifero de Libra--zona de aguas ultraprofundas ubicada a 170 kilometros de Rio de Janeiro--adjudicada el pasado 21 de octubre a un consorcio formado por Petrobras (40%), la trasnacional holandesa-britanica Shell y la francesa Total (20% cada una) y las chinas CNPC y CNOCC (10% cada una).
Metri filed a complaint last week accusing members of a Salafi group of cutting his ear and burning his house and car.
Earlier in the day, Metri discussed with Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Ali Al Ayed means of forging closer media cooperation between the two countries.
Metri announced the members of the committee assigned to compose the cabinet's Policy Statement.
Deixando clara a opcao politica Ferolla e Metri sao da opiniao que a politizacao do petroleo, antes de tudo, a partir dos anos 1930, bem como a criacao da Petrobras, em 1953, sao amostras de preocupacoes que aqueles governos tiveram para fazer do Brasil algo respeitavel no ambito das relacoes internacionais no que tocasse a energia e a exploracao de hidrocarbonetos.
Time Topic 11:00 Honorary for the members of the Doctors' Gathering against the Medical Siege Imposed on Gaza, held by Public Health minister Muhammad Jawad Khalifeh, at the Health ministry headquarter in Mathaf/Beirut 11:30 Joint press conference for Information minister Tarek Metri and Education & Higher Learning minister Hassan Mneimneh, at Metri's ministerial bureau in Sanaeh/Beirut 12:00 Seminar on the Gospel of Saint Barnabas, at the Catholic Media Center in Jal el-Dib 16:00 Seminar on the possibilities of third war on Lebanon, at Issam Fares Center for Lebanese Affairs in Sin el-Fil
The player's agent Osama Metri told that the Brazilian player took such decision after the delay in receiving his financial installments from the club.