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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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Morgan Cundiff's 2004 article, "An Introduction to the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS)" in Library Hi Tech, provides a helpful overview of METS for library and technical staff encountering this schema for the first time.
The author describes in depth the different subsections of the METS wrapper (Cantara, 2005).
According to Mary Eilings and Gunter Waibel (2007), METS is similar to other XMLbased data standards used in the cultural heritage community, such as EAD, since XML encodes the data fields and their values.
The authors point out that Archivists' Toolkit supports export of a METS wrapper with either MODS or Dublin Core.
The first element in a METS document is the <mets> root element.
There are seven subsections in a METS document and only one, the structural map, is required.
The Structural Map (<structMap>) comes next and is the only required section of METS.
The flexibility of METS is a great benefit, but it is also a major drawback.