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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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Three of these four D-Lib Magazine articles are on the use of METS as a wrapper or container for PREMIS implementation; the fourth looks at METS with both PREMIS and MODS.
An in-depth Library Quarterly article from 2010 on using METS with external schemas for digital image objects in libraries, archives, and museums is "The Convergence of Information Technology, Data, and Management in a Library Imaging Program.
The 148-page manual provides extensive technical documentation of METS, and it includes examples of the seven METS subsections (Digital Library Federation, 2010).
In addition to the D-Lib Magazine articles, there is thorough information on METS interoperability through the Interoperability of Metadata for Thematic Research Collections report (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012).
The Australian METS profile requires each part of an object to have its own METS document.
The National Library of Australia also decided that METS documents may also describe analog objects which may one day be digitized.
They decided to use METS since even though the repositories used different software; all of the software was able to use METS.
Since the program only imports metadata, once the METS documents are imported into the repository system, the system uses the METS file identifiers to download the actual objects from the original institution (Bell & Lewis, 2006).