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The numbers at the top of the bars are the absolute Mflops achieved by each version on that number of threads.
Unfortunately, one person's definition of an "operation" may be quite different from another's, resulting in inflated MOPS or MFLOPS figures.
1 Total Mflops using LAM Class W Class A Class B procs FE GE FE GE FE GE 1 47.
The Linpack measure of mflops simulates a highly vectorized application and thus is biased toward machines with good vector-processing capabilities.
What is important is the performance of the machine and the available software, measured according tom the Dhrystone MIPS, or the LINPACK MFLOPS (millions of floating-point operations per second) benchmarks [1].
5 Km, contains 4 million devices, and can perform 200 Mflops (million floating point operations per second).
These supercharged DAPs yield a computing power of 140 MFLOPS in the Model 510 and 560 MFLOPS in the Model 610.
When you get 20 Mflops on a chip, you'll blow most anything away.
Intel has continued the pure multicomputer path by introducing its third generation, Paragon with up to 4K Intel i860 microprocessor based nodes, each with a peak of 4 x 75 Mflops for delivery in early 1993.