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(7) MGCP, Multinational Geospatial Co--production Program: Programa de Coproduccion Geoespacial Multinacional.
These features are applicable for GL's MAPS(TM) series products: MAPS(TM) UMTS IuCS, MAPS(TM) UMTS IuH, MAPS(TM) GSM AoIP, MAPS(TM) SIP, MAPS(TM) SIP I, MAPS(TM) MEGACO, and MAPS(TM) MGCP, among others.
It also communicates with the Mobicents Media server via MGCP which provides the media content used in the functional process of the service.
ii) Adaptador de recursos MGCP de Mobicents encargado de comunicar el servidor Rhino SLEE y el servidor de medios.
SIP no fue el primero, ni es el unico, protocolo de VoIP usado hoy en dia (H.323, MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol), IAX (Jnter-Asterisk eXchange), entre otros), pero actualmente este parece ser el mas popular entre los fabricantes de hardware.
EdgeMarc Series appliances provide a SIP, MGCP or H.323 VoIP aware NAT/Firewall, VoIP survivability, passive call quality monitoring and powerful but easy-to-use traffic management that ensures high quality voice and video.
* Call control provided via Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) or Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
Known as Spectra2|SE, the software- only edition helps next-generation and traditional equipment manufacturers and carriers test VoIP signaling protocols, including H.323, SIP, RTP, MGCP, and Megaco.
Comprehensive and configurable signaling capabilities include support for SIP, MGCP, H.323, SS7, ISDN, CAS and clear channel.
"We are continuing to track and actively participate in the various standards bodies, giving us the edge in upgrading our toolkits to support the latest version of voice, video and data collaboration standards--whether SIP, H.323, MEGACO, MGCP or 3G-324M for 3G video telephony," said Eli Orr, H.323 Product Manager for RADVISION's Technology Business Unit.
The cornerstone of this strategy is the simultaneous support for VoATM, VoIP, traditional telephony protocols such as GR-303/TR-08 and V5.2, and Next Generation telephony protocols such as Megaco, MGCP, and SIP.
NetCentrex VoIP VPN is the only solution that supports multiple simultaneous protocols including SIP, H.323, and MGCP and has the following capabilities: