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The BBC will remove the MHEG requirement from the 'BBC Interactive HTML application specification, and work with industry partners to align other specifications such as the D-Book owned by the DTG (Digital TV Group), and the Freeview Play specification and Trade Mark License framework managed by Digital UK and Freeview.
Object-oriented methods are at the heart of another similar standards effort, run by the Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Experts Group (MHEG) [20].
Ocean Blue supplied the complete middleware software solutions including DVB HD, USB PVR MHEG MD and Talk TV software
The launch was made possible by the deployment of the connected-TV variant of MHEG--the MHEG Interaction Channel (MHEG-IC).
When UK Free view was launched in 2002, MHEG-5 was selected because MHEG could be built into all receiver devices in a market at a very small incremental cost.
These include the S&T Player, the RedKey 2, the TSBroadcaster 2, the TSMonitor, the MHEG EPG and the MHEG Presenter.
"But it's not all about IPTV - the broadcast media cannot be ignored, and the manufacturers need to source MHEG middleware, for example, to provide complete solutions."
Users want seamless integration of services and application regardless of the specificities of networks (LAN, WAN, Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial Broadcast, etc.) , platforms (PC, Set Top Box) and formats (WWW, MHEG, MPEG, etc.).