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Mabelle, 72, said: "I was horrified when the MIB got in touch to say I faced a fine.
Just like making a more "normal" claim where the driver who caused the accident is insured, the MIB will consider detriment such as personal injury, damage to property and loss of earnings.
MIB is the life and health insurance industry's resource for risk information and analytical services.
"Insurers cannot decide to rate or decline the applicant solely based on MIB" said Robert DiAngelo, executive vice president.
MIB has also gradually diversified its loan book away from related parties, and improved its core profitability through recurrent sources.
"The MIB has been working with his legal advisors, Irwin Mitchell, to arrive at an appropriate sum of compensation.
MIB information is used only to alert member companies to the possible need for further information.
The B-scan sector image was synthesized on the PC screen using time sequences of ultrasound signal parameters (IM, MIF and MIB) of each scan line using following scan conversion equations [9]:
"MIB work closely with the police across the UK and support initiatives to get uninsured drivers and criminals' cars seized.
Cynthia Riggs, CEO and founder of Making It Big (MIB), a manufacturer of clothing for large and "super-size" women, looked over her company's latest financial figures with concern.
The MIB can even provide cover for accidents caused by an oil or diesel spillage from an unidentified vehicle.
The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) database has a lot to do with how much you pay for insurance.