miniaturized satellite

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miniaturized satellite

A communications satellite that is considerably smaller and lighter than the geostationary satellites that weigh several tons. Smaller satellites are less costly to manufacture and deploy and can be piggybacked on rockets with the launch of larger satellites. Miniaturized satellites are designated by their maximum weight, as follows:
 Approximate             Maximum WeightType                    (pounds)

 minisatellite (minisat)   1,100

 microsatellite (microsat)   220

 nanosatellite (nanosat)      22

 picosatellite (picosat)       2.2
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The Ranger series of satellite terminals represent the highest quality and easiest to use microsats on the market, said President & CEO Dr.
This facility has built and launched over 25 microsats performing a range of scientific missions, including Earth surveillance, and it markets affordable capabilities to nations such as Algeria, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Taiwan.
According to Diamandis, establishment of such an authority is crucial before MicroSat will select Alaska.
MicroSat Systems (MSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of SNC, will design the spacecraft and perform integration and test activities for the OG2 satellites.
Microsat was used to compute the diversity for each SSR marker.
Engineer Ariston Gonzalez of the University of the Philippines Philippine Microsat Program said Davao City is an ideal area for a satellite receiving facility for Diwata 1 and 2 microsatellites.
This EELV Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) ring compatible spacecraft incorporates many recent advances in microsat technologies, including incorporation of a modular green propulsion system.