MIL standards

MIL standards (military standards)

A group of standards used for aircraft (and other) hardware that was originated by U.S. military services, but is now accepted almost internationally, to maintain high-quality standards in manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining the hardware.
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ARC provides material testing and qualification services to many ASTM and MIL standards. It offers electromagnetic interference test capabilities up to 110 GHz with the addition of a focused beam testing system.
Qualified to a number of MIL standards, the GBX411 supports Abaco's OpenWare(TM) switch management software.
As chairman of the IPC Printed Board Design Committee, Ferrari led the effort to convert the industry from the widely used mil standards, particularly MIL-STD-275, to commercial equivalents.
Contracts drawn up under Def and Mil standards often include clauses specifying EMC integrity over a specified lifetime, but lack of integrated testing makes such clauses more or less meaningless.
Based on the company's MLO technology, which enables the integration of high Q passives in low cost, high density interconnect components, the new PC Series power couplers exhibit isolation and high reliability per JEDEC and Mil standards. Expansion matched to PCBs and supplied in surface mountable 2025 size land grid array (LGA) packaging, the multifunctional, low profile PC Series couplers also low parasitics, heat dissipation, and excellent solderability.
Available with RoHS compliant black zinc nickel or electroless nickel plating, Nemesis Series connectors have been designed with anticipation of future revisions of MIL standards.
As a Navy jet mechanic, I learned the importance of working to a set of MIL standards to maintain repair/rebuild quality of our jets.
About half way through, one guy stood up and said he could care less about our MIL status or special processes; that everything they buy is built to commercial standards, not MIL standards! One company, three divisions, all viewing value radically differently than the other!
ELS-900's are CE approved to EMI standards, shock and vibration tested to MIL standards, and UL approval is pending.
They are available in dozens of types and thousands of variations, including free-running, self-locking, floating, and blind hole types meeting unified, ISO, and MIL standards. PEM self-clinching fasteners can be installed permanently in metal sheets as thin as 0.02 in./0.51 mm and can eliminate a need for washers, lock washers, and nuts for final attachment of components.
The appendices cover applicable instructions, MIL standards, and references for calibration.
The ALY series mixers use Schottky diode quads with an extensive reliability history[1] and can meet or exceed MIL standards.