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, Span. Miño, river, c.210 mi (340 km) long, rising in Galicia, NW Spain, and flowing generally SW to the Atlantic Ocean. The Sil is its chief tributary. The lower part of the Minho forms a section of the border between Spain and Portugal.
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(in Portugal, the Minho), a river in northwestern Spain; in its lower course it forms the border between Spain and Portugal. The Miño River is 340 km long and drains an area of 22,500 sq km. Originating in the northern spurs of the Cantabrian Mountains, the river flows through mountainous and hilly country. Below the Miño’s confluence with its principal left tributary, the Sil River, its valley broadens. The river then empties into the Atlantic Ocean. In the spring, rain and melting snow produce flood levels; the water level is low in the summer; and there are freshets in the fall and winter caused by rains. The mean flow rate in the Miño’s middle course (at the city of Orense) is 242 cu m per sec. The river is navigable in its lower course. The cities of Lugo, Orense, and Tuy (Spanish) are located on the Miño.

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