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He also held positions at Silicon Graphics, MIPS Computer Systems, and HP.
MIPS Computer Systems was a tiny computer business set up by a Stanford professor and former managers from Motorola and IBM.
It was SPEC's intention to develop standard benchmarks for (32-bits) RISC design computers and soit included the major RISC-based computer companies u Sun Microsystems, MIPS Computer Systems, Apollo and HP.
The two major players are the early movers MIPS Computer Systems and Sun Microsystems.
Then served as director of financial planning, Tandem Computers, 1981-84; corporate controller, WYSE Technology, 1984-89; VP, corporate controller, MIPS Computer Systems, 1989-91; SVP of finance and administration and CFO, PeopleSoft Inc., 1991-98; president and CEO, Momentum Business Applications Inc., since January 1999.
to produce a new video entertainment system to be powered by a 64-bit RISC microprocessor from MIPS Computer Systems Inc.
ACE members are promoting a workstation built around the proposed MIPS Computer Systems R4000 RISC chip (while maintaining compatibility with the existing R3000 chip) running either OS/2 3.0 from Microsoft or SCO's Unix in a bid to provide an alternative to the popular Intel line.
(Mountain View, Calif.); Mips from Mips Computer Systems Inc.
The alliance announced it would support the R4000 RISC chip developed by Mips Computer Systems Inc.
The machines are built around the Mips R3000 microprocessor from Mips Computer Systems Inc.
DEC was one-upped by Mips Computer Systems, which introduced its own workstation built around the R3000 chip.
And by endorsing Motorola's RISC chip, the MC88000, both vendors have brought a third power into the RISC-Unix battle, which has been dominated so far by Sun, with its Sparc line, and MIPS Computer Systems, which manufactures CPUs for Digital Equipment Corp., Silicon Graphics, and other vendors.