MIS Director

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Without in-house expertise the MIS director had to consider other approaches to a network management strategy.
It will be a simple process to integrate it with our inventory and product management systems, only requiring one systems analyst working about one quarter time," said Greg Gibbons, MIS Director for See's Candies.
Added Don Fleming, MIS Director of Tail, "As a completely integrated module, content management is seamless.
Marietta's prime focus was to develop an officer-friendly, scalable software search tool for use by our detectives, but with an eye toward deploying this technology out to our patrol cars," said Gene Estensen, MIS Director of the City of Marietta.
Here at TruMark Financial Credit Union, we are extremely pleased with Sybari ASD," said Kevin Tressel, MIS director at TruMark Financial Credit Union.
The association counts among its prestigious members data center managers, MIS directors, CIOs and other IS professionals from Fortune 500 companies, all reaping the benefits that AFCOM has to offer.