MIS Director

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The town has been without an MIS director since Aaron L.
"We now can set up guaranteed classes of service to intelligently accelerate and prioritize specific business applications," explains Jack Matthews, MIS director with Rawlings.
"Our top club member spent $42,000 last year," notes Amy Brinkmoeller, Dorothy Lane's MIS director. "Do you think giving her a discount coupon will really mean anything?
George Sanchez, the hospital's MIS director, says that until about a year and a half ago, when Gnaden Huetten launched the secure sockets layer virtual private network (SSL VPN) offered by Seattle, Wash.-based Aventail, there was only a local area network (LAN) serving those working within the hospital.
"Worms and things that try to attack our system--we catch tons of those every day," says James Wiedel, MIS director and director of networking at the University of Southern California.
Hill is an 11-year veteran of the paper, who has served as systems director, corporate MIS director and MIS director.
These aren't slasher films but rather well-known computer viruses and their ability to wreak havoc on a computer system makes them an MIS director's nightmare.
"We've discovered that once you put the terminals in a store you'll never want to take them out," commented Jim Pierce, Walgreens' MIS director.
Revlon's European MIS director Paul Holloway said, ``Revlon has a long history in South Wales.
"Each department had its own processes," Jonathan Turner, Cardinal's MIS director, explains.
director of MIS 1995-1998: regional controller, Planet Hollywood, 1994-1995: regional MIS director and aasistant controller, Hyatt Regency Waikolca (later Hilton Waikoloa), 1988-1993; senior analyst, Hyatt Hotels Corp., Chicago, 1985-1988: various positions with Hyatt Regency Maui and Hyatt Hotels Corp., 1978-1985
--John Nicoletta, MIS Director, New York State Bar Association, Albany