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He also was one of the first students at what would later become the MIT AI Lab. The technical report describing his thesis was the first in a series of illustrious research results: Project MAC technical report: MAC-TR-1.
For example, Patrick Winston at MIT is a leading artificial intelligence researcher, the former head of the MIT AI Lab, and he has been focusing recently on creating summaries of stories.
Santa Barbara; Roz Picard of the MIT Media Lab; Cordelia Schmid of INRIA; Carlo Tomasi and Leo Guibas of Stanford; Paul Viola of the MIT AI Lab; Ramin Zabih of Cornell; and Andrew Zisserman of Oxford University.
In my career, I've always felt caught between the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), beginning my career at the MIT AI Lab, and computer graphics, or more generally, human-computer interaction (HCI).
I was lucky enough to start working at the MIT AI Lab from the second week of my freshman year at MIT in 1973, through the end of my Ph.D.
Cliff Stoll of Harvard also believes the virus was started from the MIT AI Lab. At the time this article was written, nobody had analyzed the infected Cornell machines to determine where the virus would have gone next if they were indeed the first infected machines.
Ray Hirschfeld of the MIT Math Department at the MIT AI Lab spotted the virus Thursday morning on the Sun workstations in the math department and shut down the math gateway to the MIT backbone at 10:10 a.m.
Dave Waltz began his career of creativity and collaboration after completing his dissertation in 1972 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT AI Lab).
Gabriel in tow headed west from MIT to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with the goals of starting a first-rate AI program and creating a lab in the image of the MIT AI Lab. All they had were an enthusiastic home in the Coordinated Science Laboratory, some friendly faculty in the Electrical Engineering department, a PDP-10, a shaky connection to the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), and a small but eager coterie of misfit graduate students.
for work at the MIT AI Lab. His thesis on computer vision originated the field of constraint propagation, and with Craig Stanfill, he originated the field of memory-based reasoning branch of CBR (Case-Based Reasoning).
At AAAI-97, robot demonstrations were given by Applied AI (various robots), Brown University (RAMONA), Colorado School of Mines (SILVER BULLET and BUJOLD), Iowa State University (CYBOT) (figure 2), KISS Institute for Practical Robotics (Kids' Demo and robots of the Robot Building Lab), Massachusetts Institute of Technology AI Lab (PEBBLES), MIT AI Lab and Boston College (WHEELESLEY and EAGLEEYES), MIT Leg Lab (monoped hopper), Michigan State University (SHOSLIF), Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (COYOTE), Northwestern University (KLUDGE), Rob Turner (ARBI), University of Minnesota (TBMIN), University of Virginia (BRUCE), and University of Waterloo (HEXOTICA).
WHEELESLEY and EAGLEEYES, MIT AI Lab and Boston College