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(US), miter
Christianity the liturgical headdress of a bishop or abbot, in most western churches consisting of a tall pointed cleft cap with two bands hanging down at the back


The line formed by the meeting of moldings or other surfaces that intersect each other at an angle; each member is cut at exactly half the angle of the junction



in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches, a gilded headdress decorated with religious emblems that is worn with full vestments (usually during services) by representatives of the higher clergy (such as the pope and bishops).

miter, mitre

The oblique surface forming the beveled end or edge of a piece where a miter joint is made.


bishop’s headdress signifying his authority. [Christian Symbolism: EB VI]
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It's hard enough to align and clamp miters without rushing to get it done before the glue begins to set (in five to 10 minutes, and even faster in warm, dry conditions).
Cut a saw kerf about one-third of the way through the miter table.
This method eliminates the need for mitered returns, but it does expose end grain and means you have to cut the parts to length before you shape them.
The line encompassed hundreds of mitered bends, 78 1.5-D bends with 11 of these being back-to-back 1.5-D bends.
Repeat to create miters along the two adjacent traced lines.
Repeat all the same steps on the other side of the window, fitting first the top miter, and then marking and cutting the bottom one.
THitachi manufactured one of the first sliding miter saws, so we expected great things from this saw.
* Learn how to make perfect miters. Type "miter" into the search box.
If the blade is for a sliding miter saw, be sure the teeth have a hook angle of zero to negative five degrees.
Hitachi Power Tools has added LCD technology to its latest miter saw, the C12LCH.
If you've ever used a miter saw to cut long, unsupported stock, you know what a hassle it is to deal with a saw that moves all over the place while you're trying to make cuts.
Hoffmann's MS 35 SF double miter saw is designed for the production of mitered cabinet doors, furniture components, lighting fixtures, RTA frames and more.