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She wore a tight, black, cashmere dress, made in the fashion of ten years ago, a little dusty black straw hat trimmed with bows of yellow ribbon, and faded black lace mits.
He's nifty with his mits, lemme tell you that, an' he'll eat you alive if you monkey with 'm."
He had his room in dot house-not a cage, but a room-mit a bed and sheets, and he would go to bed and get up in der morning and smoke his cigar und eat his dinner mit Bertran, und walk mit him hand-in-hand, which.
"I might as vell go mit you for noffing as vot you offer me, but I vill try to help you.
You had better mettle as mit ter deyvel, as mit ter hunters, Tey live mit ter gun, and a rifle is better as ter law.”
"Mit a rope's end; mit a rope's end!" growled the German.
They passed on, up the sum- mit. They plunged into the narrow path between the tall sumach bushes, and were at once hidden in the gloom.
"Te wing !" he cried, highly incensed, "vat I pe do mit te wing?
Thank Gott, we Germans believe in sentiment, and keep ourselves young mit it.
'Ich wage die Gedanken in der Schale meines Zornes und die Werke mit dem Gewichte meines Grimms.' I like it!"
I ad- mit it is improbable, but there was the man--and for days, nay, for weeks--it didn't enter our heads that we had amongst us the only living soul that had escaped from that disaster.
"Gave you the icy mit, eh?" The moon-faced young man laughed and slapped his thighs.