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(Microcom Networking Protocol) A family of communications protocols from Microcom, Inc., Norwood, MA, that have become de facto standards for error correction (classes 2 through 4) and data compression (class 5). In 1997, Compaq acquired Microcom.

Class 1: Half-duplex asynchronous transmission.
This is an earlier mode that is no longer used.

Class 2: Full-duplex asynchronous transmission.

Class 3: Full-duplex synchronous transmission
using HDLC framing techniques and 64-byte
blocks. Start/stop bits are stripped.

Class 4: Increased throughput. Shorter headers,
frames up to 256 bytes. Some vendors adjust frame
size based on line quality.

Class 5: Compresses data up to two times.

Class 6: Starts at V.22bis modulation and
switches to V.29 if possible. Uses pseudo-
duplexing ping-pong method for faster
turnaround of V.29 transmission.

Class 7: Compresses data up to three times.

Class 8: Not in use.

Class 9: Adds Piggy-back Acknowledgment** and
selective retransmission for more efficient
data transport. Provides better performance over
variety of links.

Class 10: Adds Adverse Channel Enhancements** for
better transmission on rural, cellular and other
noisy lines.

** Proprietary Microcom techniques.
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Subscribers who are qualified for MNP are those without outstanding financial obligation to the provider, and those that have no lock-in contracts with a carrier.
The interaction between HU and MNP via the CO(MNP/HU1), N[H.sub.2](MNP/HU2), OH (MNP/ HU3) and NH(MNP/HU4) groups was considered in the gas phase and aqueous solution.
The new law obligates public telecommunications entities to provide MNP to all subscribers completely free of charge.
FPT worked closely with iconectiv--the authoritative partner of the global communications industry and number portability expert--to deliver the MNP solution, bringing additional convenience and choice to Vietnam's 120 million-plus mobile subscribers.
MNP is a free service provided by the ministry for beneficiaries who are unable to go to notary offices such as the elderly (who are over 70 years old), the sick, people with disabilities and patients in hospitals and nursing homes.
This is a 12 percent increase compared to the May 11 to 14 period, which saw 42,861 MNP applications; 42,579 MNP applications were received during the May 4 to 7 period.
Under the bill, telcos which would delay, withhold, refuse or otherwise fail to deliver the benefits of the MNP to a mobile subscriber within 24 hours from the time the subscriber completed his application could be penalized with fines up to P1 million or with total revocation of their operating franchises.
There are mainly two forces acting on the MNP of the ferrofluid under magnetic field: (1) the magnetic force, [[??].sub.m], which is generated by the applied magnetic field gradient, and (2) the fluidic force, [[??].sub.s], which is exerted by the suspending medium on a moving MNP.
Mandibular second premolar (MnP) is a tooth that frequently shows anomalies like deviation of crown morphology, late eruption or sometimes complete agenesis.
In a statement, the antitrust watchdog said it is pushing for the introduction of MNP in the telcos industry, which would give mobile phone users 'the power of choice,' noting that the status quo acts as a 'barrier' that has hampered consumers.
Even then the school would be situated at the very southern edge of its huge catchment area, which covers almost the whole of the town - so the masterplan required by the MNP should also look at increasing school capacity to the north of the town, e.g.
Vodafone must also immediately make available MNP to all its subscribers opting to port to RJIL in accordance with the license terms and MNP regulations.