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The above 3 MOS dietary replacement treatments are represented with 3 levels as 0, 50 and 100 g/kg of feed, respectively.
Effect of various levels of dietary MOS on feed intake is presented in Table I.
MOS 250N remained relatively stable until September 2000 when all COMSEC functions were transferred to MOS 254A, (created in 2000 though not an effected MOS until April 2003) and all CW5 positions were transferred to MOS 255Z (also created in 2000 though not an effected MOS until April 2003).
This brings us to the current state and fate of MOS 250N.
The Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) website has been updated to reflect criteria for certification programs that qualify for specified MOS promotion points.
This FDU creates force structure for this MOS through the rank of E-8.
The FCR of group D (1.0% MOS) was significantly higher compared to control and group B (0.1% MOS).
However, body weight of group C (0.5% MOS) was significantly lower compared to other MOS-supplemented groups (Table II).
W1 accession level MOS 255A (Information Services Technician) will serve as the Army's premier information systems and services technician establishing and maintaining the ability to collect, process, store, secure, search for and discover, retrieve, and disseminate information utilizing the application layer environment of the Army's portion of the cyberspace domain; they will enable Information Dissemination Management/Content Staging (IDM/CS) in order to perform the required information management/ knowledge management functions supporting combat information superiority and decision dominance.
* 233-98Y1/2/3/4 (98J) (T) 98J to 98Y transition16 weeks 2 days (Corry Station, FL), 182 MOS 98Y Soldiers still show in EDAS as needing Transition Training.
MOS 96U transitions to the Aviation Branch Proponency by FY08 and will become MOS 15W.
Poteko (made by Tohato Inc.) will be served as a side menu, in place of French fries, in the image of a set menu served at MOS BURGER shops.