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The MOT test provides an essential safety check of vehicles because, despite the fact that cars are well-built these days, tyres and brakes still wear, and headlamps get out of alignment.
ALARMING: Problems were found in MoT test centre checks
This year the rules for MOT tests have changed as they do every year and so motorists are under even greater pressure to get things right in terms of how they prepare, addressing all manner of niggles and issues that could develop into something more serious and which in any case could lead to MOT test failure and a waste of money.
Transport Secretary Philip Hammond would allow drivers to speed legally at 80 mph, and his brawny sidekick Mike Penning aims to relax the MoT test.
A consultation will look at whether the first MoT test could be pushed back from three to four years and the second test after another two years.
Having to have an annual MOT test for a vehicle which may only travel 100 miles in a year is an unnecessary bureaucratic hurdle.
ROAD safety group RoadSafe is urging transport minister Mike Penning to maintain the MoT test as an annual check up for vehicles.
We intend to look at the issue of MoT test frequencies later this year," he told Tory Lord Marlesford in a written reply.
THE Retail Motor Industry Federation has welcomed a government recommendation that the frequency of MoT tests should remain as it is - the first one when a car is three years old and then annually thereafter.
magazine has added its weight to the call to ditch the Government plan for two-yearly MOT tests.
GARDAI are investigating claims that a West of Ireland gang is behind a huge scam to defraud the new car MOT tests.
In a bid to better meet the demand for parts from members of the public concerned about forthcoming MOT tests, the team at Car Parts 4 Less have joined forces with Just Search.