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How soon -- with what strange rapidity, indeed did Pearl arrive at an age that was capable of social intercourse beyond the mother's ever-ready smile and nonsense-words!
My mother lay in bed with the christening robe beside her, and I peeped in many times at the door and then went to the stair and sat on it and sobbed.
But Kit's mother, again--wouldn't anybody have supposed she had come of a good stock and been a lady all her life!
In bed, she projected against her closed eyelids the few rich scenes of her mother that her child-memory retained.
The boy's answer reminded me of that other little girl whom my mother had once seen.
As Amy pointed to the smiling Christ child on his Mother's knee, Mrs.
"But, Mother," said Seth, "thee'dst be doing Dinah a wrong by telling Adam what thee think'st about her.
She did not let go of her mother but struggled tenderly with her, demanded a pillow and hot water, and unfastened and tore open her mother's dress.
She wished for what her mother wished for, but the motives of her mother's wishes wounded her.
Her mother bore Tess no ill-will for leaving the housework to her single-handed efforts for so long; indeed, Joan seldom upbraided her thereon at any time, feeling but slightly the lack of Tess's assistance whilst her instinctive plan for relieving herself of her labours lay in postponing them.
The gate was then closed, and the girl found herself back in the old world close to her mother's house.
The mother started from her chair and broke forth into a storm of passionate anger.

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