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(1) An assembly language instruction that copies data from one location to another. See move and machine instruction.

(2) (MOVie) A QuickTime video file extension. See QuickTime.

(3) (Metal Oxide Varistor) A discrete electronic component that is commonly used to divert excess voltage to the ground and/or neutral lines. Acting like a pressure relief value, an MOV is made of zinc oxide with small quantities of bismuth, cobalt, manganese and other metal oxides. The MOV was introduced in Japan in the late 1960s and was also developed by GE in the 1970s.

One of the major problems with MOVs is that the more they receive surges, the more they wear out, and there is no warning that the components are failing. See surge suppression.

MOVs in a Surge Suppressor
The orange MOVs divert excess voltage from reaching the electrial outlets in this surge suppressor power strip.
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The centerpiece of the building is the Hall of Valor, featuring the framed photos of PMA MOV awardees, with their respective citations.
Except for Georgia's MoV of 9, all margins for Class I states illustrate exceptional Republican strength.
* In the marine area, which is outside the refinery perimeter, the scope includes replacement of MOVs and the VMS system and extending the existing DCS System.
Figure 2 also shows an MOV or MLV in parallel with the relay contacts.
1) The MOV based suppressor cannot maintain a stable voltage protection level (VPL) as it conducts increased current values.
This state occurs when a degraded MOV is exposed to sustained transient energy, causing the MOV to heat up.
The camera (pictured above) has 3.2 million pixels, a 16Mb memory, zoom (x6) and mov
Valve blocks with proportional directional control valves of the MHV, MEV and MOV series are designed so that pressure differences over the valve in operation are compensated by a two- or three-way compensator fitted as an inlet section.

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