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However, even for 60-70 dB at 80 Hz, as documented at MP1, a C-weighted sound pressure level would much better represent the actual perceived loudness.
Entertainment facilities were not included in the MP1 entitlements provided to Qasmi but his membership of Islamabad Club was paid for by PTV, along with an additional monthly expense of Rs 543,153.
Because of the outlying result, MP3 appears to have higher imprecision than the other MPs, which is seemingly confirmed by measuring the SD of the percent differences over all CSs (9.5% for MP 3,4.0% for MP1, and 5.7% for MP2).
(4) After obtaining the values of the [Lh.sub.h.sub.k], [for all]h [member of] {1, ..., H} and [for all]k [member of] {1, ..., [K.sub.h]}, we treat them as known parameter in MP1. Accordingly, MP1 becomes LP and we can solve it to obtain the optimal transmission rate allocation and transmission topology.
Figure 13 plots the evolution curve of the stresses of measurement point MP1 (Figure 12(b)).
The expression of specific extra- and intracellular molecular markers was analysed by flow cytometry in the following cell populations: three undifferentiated ESC lines (GENEA 02, H9, and H9 OCT4 mCHERRY) and one iPSC line (NF1); cells derived from the differentiation of all pluripotent stem cells into MSC-like cells (GENEA 02-MSC, H9-MSC, H9 OCT4 mCHERRY-MSC, and NF1-MSC) after 10 (MP0), 17 (MP1), and 24 (MP2) days of directed mesenchymal differentiation and bone marrow-derived hMSCs at any passage.
Klamann, "Monthly microperimetry (MP1) measurement of macular sensitivity after dexamethasone implantation (Ozurdex) in retinal vein occlusions," Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, vol.
Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1) ('Megaport'), a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking Competency status.
Similar to the SFI variable, also control variables ROA (Mp2 and 4), CF (Mp3 and 5) and FS (Mp1) are at a statistically significant level in all models in which they are present and additionally signs of parameter estimates standing by them are consistent with expectations derived from the maturity (Mp1), pecking order (Mp2 and 3) and free cash flow (Mp4 and 5) theories.
The new a7RIII combines a high-resolution 42.4 MP1 back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with impressive shooting speeds at up to 10 fps with full AF/AE tracking, as well as beautiful image and 4K video quality, wide 15-stop dynamic range, high sensitivity with noise reduction of almost a full stop and more.
For the case was implemented, the operator of reverse sequence mutation RSM [16], that involves taking a sequence within the chromosome, delimited by two cutting points MP1 and MP2 randomly chosen, such as MP1 <MP2.