M. R. James

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James, M. R.

(Montague Rhodes James), 1862–1936, English scholar, educator, and writer. He attended Eton and King's College, Cambridge, became (1887) a fellow at King's, and held various offices there, becoming became provost (head) of the college in 1905. In 1918 he returned to Eton, where he served as provost until his death. His scholarly interests were in medieval history and Biblical apocrypha, but he is best known for the ghost and horror stories he wrote and read to acquaintances or students. Most of these were published in four collections: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904), More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1911), A Thin Host and Others (1919), and A Warning to the Curious (1925); all are in Collected Ghost Stories (2012). James specialized in tales whose protagonists were, like him, bachelors, dons, and bibliophiles; in the course of the tales, his characters were beset by soft, furry, many-armed creepy-crawlies.


See biography by M. Cox (1983).

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Some residents of the 14-acre, upmarket estate have criticised Mr James for the lack of action against flat owners who sublet their apartments to stag and hen parties and other short-term tenants.
Mr James successfully defended the case brought against him by Mrs Thompson and won his counter-claim at a High Court hearing in London.
Mr James, a grandad and dad-ofthree, was a well-known musician on the Liverpool music scene.
Horror fan Gatiss - who first found fame with darK comedy troupe The League Of Gentlemen - is adapting The Tractate Middoth, a short chiller written by MR James, for BBC2 this Christmas.
The allegations made against Mr James were that "he permitted and/or caused a false representation to be made to the Solicitors Regulation Authority" and "fabricated an attendance note".
Mrs Thompson claims Mr James made libellous comments about her in a letter which was sent to 74 councillors and viewed over 800 times after being republished on a blog called madaxeman.
Mr James was fired with immediate effect during a 12-minute telephone call just two days after feeding a piece of gristle to the dog, named Merlin, at Mr Mould's country estate in Gloucestershire.
Mr James died in September 2008, 18 months after he was paralysed from the chest down during a training ground accident.
The mum-of-five called Mr James a "b***d" and rained down several blows on him before storming out, Weymouth magistrates heard.
Mr James, 63, underwent several hospital tests after he started to limp.
Barrister Philip Noble, for Chilli, claims that a rival was encouraged to put in a bid for land already assigned to Chilli, that TVR and EP breached two lock-out deals, that TVR and EP spoke to Allied Irish Bank behind Chilli's back - and that Mr James destroyed their credibility with the Esh Group.
And as Mr James lay dying in hospital, Raine confessed he had helped himself to money behind the pensioner's back.