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MRDS mounted on reciprocating pistol slides fail at a much higher rate than fixed rifle-mounted dots.
However, several of our long-service professors have contacted us, inquiring about the possibility of amending our 401(a) plan to permit minimum required distributions (MRDs) from that plan while the professors are still employed.
MRDS was also the top volume traded stock during the week with total traded volume of 14.7mn
The original SIG MRDS is easy to differentiate from the current model, as it did not have the extended threaded front hood designed to accept the honeycomb killflash.
Recent advances in technologies related to MRD treatment have the potential to further improve their efficacy and effectiveness in clinical practice.
In this case, modern design and advance monitoring methods should be applied (Aljassmi, Han 2014; Chen, Luo 2014; DBN V.1.2-5:2007; DBN V.2.2-24:2009; Hattab, Hamzeh 2015; MRDS 02-08; Perelmuter 2011).
comes with five different mounting plates and screw sets and will accept just about every type of mini red dot made: Trijicon RMR, Insight/E0Tech MRDS, Leupold Delta Point, Docter, JPoint and C-More STS.
Microsoft Visual Programming Language (MVPL) is a part of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS).
Magnetorheological dampers (MRDs) hold promise for vibration control since their properties can be adjusted in real time, and unlike active devices they do not inject energy into the system being controlled and have relatively low power requirements.
while the MRDs and photon-baryon equipartitions in each sector are, respectively, related by
Also addressed the seminar were by the Manager of SEHER, Muhammad Rizwan Kasi, Director Human Rights department, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Director MRDS, Mola Dad Utmankhel, former Member National Commissioner on Status of Women, Ms.